About Us

School of Fish Swim and Scuba has a long storied history. We started out as Swim King Dive Shop in the early 80’s teaching scuba lessons on Long Island, running group travel to exotic locations all over the world and operating a full service scuba center. Boy have things changed! In the early 2000’s we purchased a parcel of land next to our existing scuba center.  The plan was to build a pool that we could teach scuba in. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine what building a pool and expanding our facility would involve! Plans, permits, codes, hoops to jump through and hurdles to be cleared. There were so many ups and downs along the way. Now, over 10 years after becoming School of Fish those days are a distant memory. Changing the name to School of Fish seemed fitting because as a swim school we teach hundreds of kids to swim every year. We also love to dive and be in the aquatic realm where a school of fish is alway an exciting thing to see. The name change just made sense.

School of Fish is a complete “Aquatic Center”. We offer Scuba lessons, freediving classes, swimming lessons, water fitness, lifeguard training, and birthday parties in our pool. The pool is saltwater, clean, and kept at 85 degrees year round. In addition to all the classes and lessons we offer, the retail diving center is still going strong. We cary several lines of scuba equipment, (we love Scubapro gear) wetsuits, drysuits,  and all the other accessory items you might need for your diving activities. Along with a great selection of Scuba equipment we carry all the specialized equipment for spearfishing and freediving. We also provide repairs on all major brands of regulators, rental equipment,  and a fill station. Wether you are a seasoned scuba diver, snorkeler, a fitness enthusiast or just wanting to learn how to swim we have something here for you! Stop in and check us out the next time you are in the area.

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