Scuba Lessons.

Scuba Lessons on Long Island

At School of Fish we offer scuba lessons on Long Island year round.  We are affiliated with PADI, the industry leader in dive training.

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Scuba Lessons on Long Island
Open Water Diver

The PADI open water diver course is an entry level SCUBA certification program that covers the basic skills theory and equipment needed to dive safely to a recommended maximum depth of sixty feet. The class consists of three different training segments; Theory, Pool Diving, and Open Water Diving. The certification you earn upon completion of the course does not have an expiration date but it is recommended you participate in a refresher program if you are inactive for an extended period of time.

1. Theory – This is a home study program you will be able to complete at your own pace. The program is administered by PADI on their eLearning platform. Home study can be completed on your home computer, smartphone or tablet. You will also have access to a PADI instructor during this time who can answer any questions you may have concerning the course material. Not sure about eLearning? Call us at 631-744-7707 to get a free introductory eLearning access code that will let you go through a small part of the program before making the commitment.

– 2. Pool Diving – Pool diving consists of two three-hour sessions in our indoor, 88 degree, heated, salt water pool. The pool is at our location in Rocky Point. These sessions are scheduled on weekday evenings at 6:30PM but daytime sessions are also available privately or for semi-private classes of two. Our group classes are kept small with a maximum of four students in the water. This ensures each student gets plenty of practice time and help with skills that might present a challenge. Keeping the class small ensures that you will always be an active participant. Additional pool training or practice time is available to all students at no extra charge. In addition, private training can be scheduled if you are unable to attend a scheduled training. Private sessions are available on the weekend as well.

3. Open Water Training – Open water training takes place in the Long Island Sound and is conducted between the months of June and October. To become certified you will have to complete four open water dives. These dives are also conducted in small groups of no more than six students.  During the dives you will be asked to perform many of the skills you learned during your pool training. Open water training is typically conducted on Friday and Saturday mornings but can also be scheduled during the week (additional fees may apply) for those with work schedules that make weekends difficult. You will need two days of open water training to complete the four dives for certification. Students are responsible for transporting all of their equipment to and from the dive site. They will also be required to wash their gear at the dive shop before turning it in. Open water training is weather dependent, if sea conditions are not conducive (or safe) for training you will have to reschedule to another open date.

Equipment. You don’t need to own OR buy anything for this course. We will supply each student with the necessary equipment to complete the program. This consists of: mask, fins, snorkel, boots, gloves, cylinder, BCD, regulator, gauges, alternate air source and full wetsuit. If you have your own equipment you are welcome to use it (we encourage this) as long as it fits and is in good working order. If you would like to purchase equipment from us we offer a student discount available to you for up to a year after completing your certification. 

Cost: (Prices shown include a 3% discount  for cash, debit or Venmo transactions)
Single Payment Option:
You can purchase all three phases of training for $600. total. There are NO additional charges. The $600 fee is made in one payment. You will receive your eLearning access pass within 24 hours of signing up, so you can start your course right away. You will also be able to secure your spot in any of our scheduled pool training sessions once you have paid the tuition. You must call the dive shop 631-744-7707 to sign up for this package

The Single payment option saves you $75 on your training.

Pay as you go:
If you would rather pay as you go see the pricing below. This gives you the opportunity to get started without having to pay a large sum of money in advance. Use this option if you plan to complete your open water training at a different location such as on a vacation during winter months. 

Theory $225. includes eLearning access and eLearning crew pack.
**Pool Training $225. Due when you reserve a spot in a pool session.
Open Water Training $225. Due when scheduling your open water dives

*There are no refunds for lessons not taken. 

**Students whose eLearning account is not affiliated with School of Fish must purchase their own eLearning enhancement pack and pay an additional $100 for their confined water training. 

There are no additional fees for certification processing or mandatory equipment purchases. 

Optional – Open Water Equipment Concierge Service: $50 per day.
We will transport all of your equipment to and from the open water training location. We will also wash any rental equipment you have used after the dives. Students will have to be fitted for equipment prior to the open water dives.  

Optional purchase: Mask, Fins, Snorkel and Boots”
“Traveling Diver” Package $260
“Local Diver” Package $360
*Free Open Water Concierge Service (see above) for students purchasing one of the above packages. 

Next available pool training dates. 
March 9 & 16 (SOLD OUT)
March 23 & 30 (SOLD OUT)
April 5 & 12
May 3 & 10

Weekend pool training is available for private and semi-private classes (maximum two participants). Inquire by phone. 

*Private or semi-private (2 students) pool training add $200 
*Private makeup for missed classes available for an additional $100 fee.
*Private open water training $100 per day (two dives per day)
Open Water Training Starts up again June 2023

Enroll In the PADI Open Water Diver eLearning program


Scuba Lessons on Long Island

Adventure Diver
This course is sort of a stepping stone that gets you on the way to becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver. It consists of three “Specialty” dives. A specialty dive is a dive where you work on a certain task or skill such as; Navigation, Photography, Buoyancy Control, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Dry Suit Diving, Search and Recovery etc… You can start this program any time by enrolling in eLearning here, make sure you choose the Adventures in Diving Option. Once you sign up start looking at the different specialties you think you might like to try. Some of the most popular ones for local diving are; Navigation, Buoyancy, Night, Search and Recovery, Boat, and Wreck. Once you have completed the eLearning modules for the specialties that  interested you a single dive will be made for each specialty. We schedule these several times throughout the dive season so check our schedule or call us to do them privately.

Advanced Scuba Lessons On Long Island

Advanced Open Water (AOW)
We encourage you to get this certification as soon as you can after completing your Open Water class. AOW consists of 5 specialty dives (as described above in Adventure Diver). There are two “core” dives in the AOW program, you must make a night dive and a  deep dive. The other three specialty dives are of your choice and if you started the Adventure Diver program you might already have some or all of them done.  This program is only offered during the summer but you can sign up for eLearning any time. It works the same way as Adventure Diver, complete the eLearning segments pertaining to the dives you will be doing and then make the dives. Once you earn the AOW certification you will then be able to dive beyond the recommended 60 foot depth limit of an entry level Open Water Diver.

Rescue Diver Scuba Lessons On Long IslandRescue Diver
This class is a great way to hone some of your existing skills but you will also develop a whole new skill-set. Rescue diver can be like a launching pad, for many it is the first step toward earning the “Professional” rating of Divemaster (Rescue is a prerequisite). For others it can be like the finish line, it might just be the last hurdle they need to clear while earning the highest recreational certification level of Master Scuba Diver. Whatever your motivation is for taking this class you will learn a lot of great skills. The main thing you get out of this course is the ability to help in dealing with a diving accident should one occur. You will first need to complete the eLearning theory portion of the program. Once you have completed eLearning we will spend one night going over some rescue skills in the swimming pool and then on to the open water to practice some rescue scenarios. You will need a certification in CPR to get the certification, we can help you out with that requirement as well.