Spearfishing Long Island

Spearfish Long Island

Gun Builder Freediving Instructor Dean McCormick

Spearfishing on Long Island, especially while free-diving, is on the rise and starting to become very popular. All you need is a pair of fins, mask, snorkel and a good entry level speargun to get started with little expense. Long Island is blessed with many reefs and structures close to shore, offering spearfishing ventures into the underwater world from the beach without the high cost of boat ownership. Having your own boat is a luxury that will open up even more opportunities to go spearfishing on Long Island.

The challenge of hunting a fish in its environment while holding your breath is exhilarating, and can become addictive. There is not any user group of our underwater resources that is more environmentally friendly than spear fishermen and women. There is no mistaken identity, unwanted bycatch and very few wounded or unrecovered fish.  It takes a lot of effort, intestinal fortitude, and good physical conditioning to be successful while using only one breath per dive. Free-diving has become an extreme sport, which is helping to propel the popularity of spearfishing, and is a lot of fun.

Spearfishing Long Island

School of Fish Spearfishing trip Summer 2014

Safety of course, is our foremost concern. All spearfishing activity should be under a Divers Down Flag, and with a dive buddy. Taking a freediving class such as this one is also a great way to increase your safety and performance in the water. You should also have knowledge of the State and Federal Fisheries regulations.

We carry a wide variety of spearfishing equipment for the entry level diver all the way up to experienced spearos. Brands that include: JBL, Cressi-Sub, Omer, Rob Allen, and Sea Sniper, C4, Salvimar, Pathos, BleuWe even build our own wood guns using fine exotic hardwoods and parts from Neptonic Systems.  If you are just getting into the sport and already own a mask, snorkel and fins you can use those. As you start placing more demands on your body and equipment  you will probably want to upgrade some of those items with equipment that was designed specifically for spearfishing. Need a tip, adapter, new bands, shaft, float, flag, long blade fins, weight belt? We have all that stuff in stock stop in and get what you need for your go-out in the water.


Long Island Spearfishing

Montauk Spearfishing Charter with School of Fish and Dive Boat Sea Turtle



spearfishing equipment Long Island, NY

Two striped bass taken off Montauk with one of our handmade speargun built in house










Long Island spearfishing equipment

Perfect for spearfishing on Long Island

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Roller Hole guns

Long Island Spearfishing

Double Roller with digital camo paint job

Double Roller Speargun

Double Roller with digital camo paint