Training Dives

Training Dives for Open Water Diver Certification
Open water training dives For anyone wishing to complete the requirements for Open Water Diver (entry level certification) here on Long Island, we will be offering training dives (weather permitting) on the dates listed below. To be eligible for the dives you must have completed the academic requirements and confined water sessions for the open water program within the last year. If it has been a while since your pool training you are welcome to come in for a pool refresher free of charge any time we have room in one of our scuba classes. If you have a referral from another dive shop or independent instructor it must indicate that all confined water and academic requirements were completed within the last year. Students with referrals can also do a confined water refresher for a $125.00 fee. Four training dives are needed to meet the minimum requirement for certification. You will need two days of training to complete the four dives, they can not be completed in one day.

Students are responsible to pick up ALL of their equipment at the dive shop and transport it to and from the dive site.

2022 Open Water Training Schedule:
Dives will be scheduled for Friday (10AM) and Saturday (8AM) mornings.

August: 26
September: 2,9,10,16,17,23,24,30
October 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29

Private or group training dives are also available on weekdays. Call to schedule. Private training dives; two dives for $100 fee.

Adventure Dives for Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water Dives

If you are working towards your Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water certification you will have to complete three or five adventure dives respectively. For Adventure Diver we recommend the Buoyancy, Night, and Navigation Dives. Once you have completed those three dives you can come out on one of our wreck dives where you will do your Deep, and Boat Adventure dive.

We do not supply any of the equipment that is needed for these training dives, you will be responsible for 100% of your gear. Most items can be rented but certain items (lights, compasses, safety tubes, lift bags, reels etc..) can not be rented so those items will have to be purchased. We require all divers to have two lights for the night dive, a primary and a backup light, a personal marker is recommended as well. If you are doing your Deep dive you will need a pony bottle and regulator for your backup air. There will be a fee for the charter boat if you are doing your deep dive and wreck dive. The fee for the training on adventure dives is $50 per dive. Divers making adventure dives have to complete the Advanced Open Water eLearning program prior to making adventure dives.

Adventure Dive Schedule
Call to schedule