Rest In Peace Chuck

We are very sad to announce that Chuck McCormick, owner and operator of School of Fish Swim and Scuba has passed away.

Chuck started scuba diving in the late 60’s and soon after opened one of the first scuba shops in Suffolk County,  Porthole Dive Shop located in Port Jefferson. Chuck did this while also having a full time job teaching high school biology in the Three Village School District at Ward Melville High School. In the early 80’s he opened Swim King Dive Shop in Rocky Point. Swim King Dive Shop evolved into what is now School of Fish Swim and Scuba.  

Chuck taught hundreds of Long Islanders how to scuba dive over the years. He was an ambassador of the sport and thought everyone should dive. He loved diving in the waters around Long Island, from the shipwrecks off the south shore to the beaches on the north shore. In his mind every dive was a good dive, some were just better than others. Chuck also traveled extensively and lead groups of divers to exotic locations all over the world. He loved underwater photography and was very good at it.

Chuck continued diving until age 83 and was working every day at the business he started and loved. He left a long lasting impression on many students, high school and scuba over the years. 

Chuck passed away peacefully at his home with his wife Susan at his side on September 11, 2022. He leaves behind a set of shoes and a pair of fins that will be impossible to fill. He will be missed by his family, friends and the many students he taught over his long career.

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